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Allbrook Pest Control FAQs

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Are chemicals used safe for humans and pets?


Chemicals are always safely used and advice and information given to the customer, consideration will always be given to pets and their safety, some applications will require the home to be vacated for a short period of time.



I have a problem with rats what can I do?


Unfortunately rats are in most environments, if indoors we can usually find where they gaining access and try to stop them, even in sewers. If outdoors consider whether you are providing 'homes', ie piles of rubbish, or under sheds and decking, clear the rubbish and sink something like concrete or metal at least one foot/30 cm down around the base of wooden structures. Feeding the birds will also provide them with an easy  food source.



I have bed bugs what can I do?


They need to be dealt with by the application of residual chemicals by a professional, they are not the result of not being clean,  they are in some of the top hotels. The treatment is very thorough including electrical items, furniture and the whole room, possibly the house, and will require more than one treatment.  Bedbugs feed off human blood and if you leave the bedroom they will follow you and infest wherever you have moved to, also they can remain dormant for 2 years so leaving the room empty won't resolve it either

rat approaching a traditional wooden mouse trap loaded with cheese